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Аннотация: This paper describes the development of compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG) on environmental protection of low-pollution, security, economic and CNG cars and filling stations and prospects for the development of countermeasures


At present, China’s major cities is a urban vehicle emissions a major source of air pollution, therefore, the development of clean energy vehicles have become the choice of the delay. Compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG) in their low energy consumption and emissions by all countries small and welcoming, is recognized internationally as the best alternative energy vehicle. The development of natural gas vehicle to address the environmental issues and energy issues are of great significance.First, the development of natural gas vehicle l, development of foreign natural gas vehicle Reduce pollution to protect the environment, many countries have issued a series of government regulations and the introduction of a number of incentive policies to promote the development of gas vehicle, such as the development of more stringent vehicle emission standards, in the natural gas supply, car purchase taxes and fees, equipment supply, gas station construction grant funds, tax incentives. In 1992 the U.S. federal government enacted the «Energy Policy Act,» or modified for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles and the construction of stations in detail the provisions of the tax relief, but also enacted a tax cut that the use of natural gas and natural gas companies exempt from motor vehicle fuel sales tax. There are more than 40 states in accordance with the policy of the federal government, law, drawn up on the mandatory state and encourage the use of clean fuel CNG vehicles, such as policies and measures to promote the CNG filling station development and construction of motor vehicles. At present, more than 40 countries around the world have a gas car, mainly in the rich natural gas resources in Italy, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil and other countries and stricter environmental regulations the United States, Japan and other countries. 2, China’s Natural Gas Vehicle Development 80 In the mid-20th century, the introduction of some of our CNG filling station equipment, set up in Sichuan’s first CNG filling stations in China; in 1993 the China National Petroleum Corporation on the introduction of foreign technology systems in 1996 installations and will be filling stations modified car parts made of the introduction of technology, standardization of technical standards. 1999 National Clean Automobile Action Coordination Leading Group was established to start the Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenzhen and other cities in 12 pilot areas to promote the application of clean energy in the popularization and application of CNG vehicles and filling stations has made an unprecedented building results. According to relevant statistics, as of 2004 there were some areas of China’s natural gas vehicle more than 20 million vehicles, more than 700 filling stations Block.Second, natural gas vehicle (CNG) fuel and other environmental and economic benefits compared Compressed natural gas vehicles:20MPa compressed natural gas in the car to compressed natural gas cylinders in use by the supply of internal combustion engine after the pressure reducer.To CNG fuel for vehicles compared with gasoline has the following advantages: l, reduce pollution and improve the atmospheric environment: natural gas is a clean energy, with a high calorific value, high efficiency, pollution, etc., the comparison is totally burned, not carbon deposition, CO, NOx and particulate emissions than gasoline, significantly reduced exhaust pollution. Motor vehicle exhaust is the major source of urban air pollution, one of which is carbon monoxide harmful ingredients (C0), hydrocarbons (HC), nitric oxide (N0) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and so on. According to the data, the use of gas as a motor fuel and gasoline as fuel can reduce emissions compared to 90% CO, 90% S02, 72% HC, 39% NOx, 24% CO2, non-dust emissions, to improve the urban environment has a significant role in . A typical diesel engine and gasoline engine emissions and gas machine is shown in table l.2, CNG vehicle for a higher securityCompared with gasoline, compressed natural gas is a relatively safe fuel. (1) natural gas explosion limit is 5% higher than gasoline (lower explosion limit for the l%) high, methane ignition for 645 ℃, ignition than gasoline high 218 ℃, compared to not ignite. Low density of methane, the relative density of about 0.55, resulting in leakage of gas will soon be distributed in the air, in the case of the natural environment it is difficult to form a hot combustion conditions, once the compressed natural gas from the tank or pipe leaks, leak immediately surrounding the formation of low-temperature zone, so that the difficulties of natural gas combustion. Therefore is a fairly safe CNG motor fuel. Natural gas and fuel properties of gasoline is shown in table 2(2) Department of natural gas vehicle cylinder pressure vessel(20MPa), its materials and manufacture and testing in order that all States have strict control, in China there are «compressed natural gas cylinder vehicle standards)) (GBl7258-1998).Cylinders fitted with explosion-proof facilities, pressure reducer, valves and other equipment, strict standards high, and gas supply system is safe and reliable and will not tip over due to vehicle collision or cause fire or explosion, and the petrol tank of motor vehicles department of non-pressure vessels, fire easily after the explosion.3, will help ease the contradiction between energy supply and demand tension.China’s economy is in a stage of rapid development, the number of vehicles to 1 million / year above the rate of increase of a substantial increase in gasoline demand of resources, our need to import large quantities of crude oil per year, refined oil and LPG. Optimize the use of gas carsMotor fuel supply structure has changed only motor fuel gasoline, diesel patterns, not only eased the problem of shortage of petrol and transport services to meet the needs of the development.4, extend engine life. The spread of natural gas to the gas entering the engine, the engine easily and uniformly mixed air, burning the comparison is totally clean; can improve the thermal cycle efficiency, speed up the burning speed, full use of combustion heat; CNG octane number at the same time high performance uprising, when agents do not need to add the uprising will not dilute the lubricating oil, making the parts inside the engine cylinder greatly reduce wear and tear, so that the engine oil life and increase the use of the period. All of these vehicles will reduce maintenance and operating costs, thereby enhancing the economy of the use of vehicles. 5, have a higher economic efficiency. At present, domestic gasoline prices continued to rise, the price system and the world has been the use of CNG vehicle will be able to save nearly 40% of fuel costs, as shown in table 3.Third, CNG vehicle development prospectsCNG cars and filling stations will have broad prospects for development, mainly in the following aspects: l, cars of the rapid growth of oil resources and environmental protection, the grim situation, the decision of the development of natural gas vehicles as a solution to energy issues and environmental issues an important way. 2, «Eleventh Five-Year» period, a new type of clean energy vehicles have been included in «long-term national science and technology development planning», the state will continue to organize and implement a variety of clean energy vehicles of major scientific and technological projects, the focus of support, including natural gas vehicles, including vehicles, parts, etc., will further promote the development of natural gas vehicle. 3, large-scale development of China’s natural gas resources and pipeline construction to accelerate the pace of development of CNG and LPG filling stations make it possible. According to China’s natural gas use planning, for nearly a decade, «West-East Gas Transmission», «second Shaanxi-Beijing», such as a large number of gas pipeline and gas pipeline along the cities have built large-scale use of natural gas in China’s gradual improvement of infrastructure, natural gas filling stations will gradually form a network. 4, the development of CNG auto gas source with the stability of assurance to Tianjin as an example, at present, Tianjin has established a perfect system of natural gas transmission and distribution, from northern Shaanxi, Dagang, Tianjin, North China Oil Field to supply, gas supply is nearly mid-2005 600 million m3, 2006 was projected to reach 800 million m3, the length of pipe network 6894km, of which high-pressure pipeline 591km, for the «Eleventh Five-Year» period of Tianjin to develop large-scale construction of CNG filling stations car provides a guarantee.Fourth, CNG cars and filling stations to explore the development of countermeasuresIn order to speed up the use of natural gas as a clean fuel vehicle development, makes the following recommendations:1, the Government has introduced policies to encourage and support: the development of all countries in the world experience shows that government support is a necessary condition for accelerated development, the impact of its economic policy is an important factor in their development should be guaranteed in law, in the gas automobile production, modification, parts and components production, station construction, vehicle purchase and use of gas, maintenance and other aspects of pricing, taxation, investment, subsidies and other aspects of the preferential policies supporting. Gas prices affect gas vehicle development is an important factor, only the gas prices and gasoline prices when the difference is large enough to form, gas car before the development of an economic foundation and driving force.2, strengthen leadership, the implementation of unified management.The development of CNG vehicles to the construction of high-quality, convenient filling stations, the need for planning, public security, fire safety, labor, technical support supervisor and other departments. 3, in the municipal plan, filling stations and gas stations should be considered co-ordination, rational distribution and coordinated development. To make full use of existing land resources and in ensuring the environmental safety of oil and gas under the premise of building one station. 4, followed by motor cars and CNG filling stations in the simultaneous development of the principles, only in the stations into a network under the conditions, CNG vehicle can really develop. At the same time scale of only CNG car to a certain number, the normal operation of filling stations in order to achieve profitability. 5, the strict legal system: the development of stringent vehicle emissions regulations, and make sure that standards are not road vehicles are determined not to be on the qualifications of CNG vehicle Modify-Factroy critical examination, certification. First of all, the city should the city bus, taxi, as the focus of the development of CNG vehicle, bus stop some of the phenomenon of black smoke pollution of the environment. 6, step up publicity. At present, natural gas car is still at the initial stage, the public nature of its environmental protection, safety, economy, reliability, do not fully understand, so, it is necessary to carry out a wide range of social advocacy, efforts to increase awareness of the dangers of automobile exhaust, to make people aware of CNG is a clean, safe and economical fuel, so that the development of natural gas vehicles have been recognized by all sectors of society and support. Compressed natural gas vehicles because of its remarkable economic and social benefits the development of the natural gas market will become a new field of applications. More and more importance in the environmental protection situation, along with natural gas resources in the area of the development and application of the widening, which will reduce the environmental pressure is to ease the oil shortage and achieve sustainable development of a reliable guarantee.